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Development of High Voltage Glass Ceramic Capacitor by HVC Capacitor Manufacturing co.,Ltd.–

3 Dec

Extensive application of glass-ceramic capacitor in high-frequency pulse power supply

Glass ceramic capacitors, as the name saying, is produced as a medium glass and ceramics capacitors main features are: high voltage, current, excellent high-frequency characteristics, temperature change rate is very small, small size.

After nearly four years of development, HVC Capacitor ‘s R & D staff  using Na2O-PbO-Nb2O5-SiO2 system glass – ceramics as insulating material, magnetron sputtering technology first formed in the surface of the glass – ceramic layer metal film, and then wire network printing technology in the metal film coated with silver paste to form a modular internal electrodes prepared a multi-layer structure of high storage density glass – ceramic capacitor after the success of the specimen, the first batch of capacitance trial production order has been accepted, in the high-end market response enthusiastic.

As we all know, the high-frequency pulse power capacitors used a few years ago, the metal film capacitors, later began to use a higher voltage ceramic capacitors, N4700 material. Performance has greatly improved, but Dimensions is still too big. End users when to use a lot of capacitors in series, that make  pulse power group will have a great appearance size. So glass ceramic capacitor successful development, greatly changed this situation. compared to N4700 materials ,for capacitance, glass ceramic capacitors with higher voltages, larger capacity and greater current, more frequency stand. completely in  much higher level. Generally speaking, glass ceramic capacitor energy storage density is more than eight times the ordinary ceramic capacitors ,Therefore, the same size as the N4700 ceramic capacitor materials, switch to glass dielectic voltage withstand can be 10 times upgrading, Imagine that 10 high voltage ceramic capacitors replaced by one or two glass capacitive the pulse power pack shape narrowed 1/10, which is great technical progress.

Glass capacitor for high-frequency and capacitance is only suitable for use in high frequency high power pulse equipment such as inertial confinement, particle beam weapons, high-power microwave, electromagnetic strong field . The United States company  to use this storage glass capacitors to produce  electromagnetic rail guns, laser weapons.

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